Investing in Health: The Corporate Membership Program

June is Employee Wellbeing Month, highlighting the importance of employee health and wellbeing in all areas of life. The Glacial Community YMCA partners with over 20 local businesses in the area through the Corporate Membership Program. This initiative enables employers to invest in their employees’ memberships, with the Y matching their contributions, supporting employee retention, enhancing well-being, and creating workplace wellness opportunities.

In Watertown, one of our YMCA’s valued local partners is Grinwald Ford. John Grinwald, the company’s president, emphasizes the importance of longevity among his staff and is dedicated to supporting both his employees and their families. After John experienced a heart attack in December, his appreciation for the importance of exercising at every stage of life only grew. He is grateful for the YMCA’s role in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals, stating, “Health is the best investment you can make in life!”

John fondly recalls encouraging his son to shoot baskets with him and getting the entire family involved in physical activities at a young age. He believes that when employees are active with their families, it sets a foundation for a lifelong commitment to health and wellness. “It’s about families working out together and staying active and healthy,” John emphasizes.

John’s nephew, Andrew, works alongside him at Grinwald Ford and has seen this in his own life, noting that “involving our kids in the YMCA at a young age has fostered an active, mindful lifestyle which can benefit them their whole lives.” Andrew appreciates the YMCA’s broad range of programs that support working families, saying, “The least we can do is pass along this opportunity for our employees and their families to engage with what our local YMCA offers.”

By investing in their workforce and the YMCA, employers can strengthen families and show their commitment to employee health and wellness. Together, we can build a healthier, happier workforce and a vibrant local economy.

"Health is the best investment you can make in life!"

To learn more about how you or your employer can participate, visit our website. 



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