Blessed by Community: Callie’s Story

Callie and her husband moved to Oconomowoc in 2016 and joined the Y, which is just across the street from them. Callie quickly discovered the warmth and friendliness extended by the staff, instructors, and members.

Group classes are her preferred way to stay active and she appreciates the opportunity to mix up her routine throughout the week. Among her favorites are Barre or Tone with Jessica-“she brings so much energy and fun to a class!”. Another favorite is Aqua Boogie, a fun and dynamic aquatic workout. Callie says, “The instructors at the Y are great and offer optional movements depending on your level of ability”.

In a recent nutrition workshop she attended, she learned tips for satisfying yet healthy snacks, like Triscuits paired with cheese sticks, or a serving of yogurt. Since then, these options have become go-to solutions for those mid-day hunger pangs. Additionally, she attended a class on peri-menopause and menopause, not for herself, but to gather insights to share with her daughter and daughter-in-law. She values the knowledgeable staff that has benefitted her and her family.

Callie says she is also “blessed with many friends at the Y who care about each other and our families.” Beyond the Y’s walls, these friendships have grown into special traditions and gatherings. There’s the monthly exchange of funny birthday cards with her “pool” friends. Small groups of her “land” friends get together for lunch every few months, just to catch up. Another friend loves to host, so a group gets together at Christmastime in her home. A couple of friends have pontoon boats and they go out on the lake with snacks to share.

In this Y community, she’s found not only ways to keep her body moving but also people who encourage and support her. Callie says “Because of the Y I feel good about myself physically, mentally, and emotionally”.

Callie (in white) with friends from a class

“Because of the Y I feel good about myself physically, mentally, and emotionally”

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