Dress Code Policy

As a family organization we encourage members and guests to maintain an appearance that is not disruptive, distracting, nor offensive in any regard. Therefore we have adopted a modest dress code policy. This policy aligns with the Y’s mission and core values so that everyone is comfortable when they come to the Y. Staff may ask a member or guest to change because of inappropriate attire. We hope together we can make the Y the best part of your day!

  • Any article of clothing that is transparent or becomes transparent when wet, may not be worn while participating at the Y.

  • Clothing and jewelry that portray negative messages and are deemed inappropriate by the Y management must be altered or removed. Tattoos deemed inappropriate must be covered.

  • With the exception of special events, swimsuits may only be worn in pool areas. When entering hallways or other areas of the Y you must be covered with a shirt, pants/shorts and footwear.

  • Activity appropriate footwear must be worn in all areas of the Y.

Wellness Center Dress Code

  • Proper exercise attire is required and should cover the body appropriately
    • Tops should cover the full torso
    • Tank tops and sleeveless shirts must cover full torso including chest and ribcage
    • Full coverage shorts need to be longer than your glutes
    • Appropriate leggings meant for working out should not be used to accentuate body parts

  • In order to prevent damage to upholstered equipment, clothing with zippers, snaps, buttons, etc. (i.e. jeans) cannot be worn

  • In an effort to minimize damage to our floor surfaces, patrons are asked to wear clean athletic shoes. Closed toed shoes are required, no open-toed shoes or sandals while working out. Exceptions for certain classes and programs such as Yoga or dance classes.

  • Please avoid offensive or derogatory graphics or language on any apparel

What is not deemed appropriate to wear at the Y?

Please refrain from the following clothing items:

  • No sports bras, crop tops, halter tops or shirts that expose your torso

  • No leggings that accentuate the division of glutes

  • No open-toes shoes or sandals while working out

  • No shorts that do not cover the fold of your glute