Endowment Fund

YMCA Endowment Fund

The YMCA Endowment Fund provides a secure, stable foundation upon which the YMCA can build its future. Gifts to the Fund are invested, allowing the YMCA to use the interest to support critical programs that require contributions to survive. Gifts can be made to the Endowment Fund in any amount or at any time.

Planned giving opportunities include:

Immediate gifts of cash, appreciated securities, real or tangible property are welcome additions to the Y Endowment.

A gift to the Y by will or living trust permitsyou to retain all your assets during your life. Designations may be for a percentage of your
estate, a specified amount or for the residue of your estate.

Charitable trusts can provide life income to you and/or a loved one. After your lifetime(s), the trust principal passes to the Y Endowment. You
may name other charities as principal recipients as well.

Contribute appreciated assets, such as stock, real estate or personal property to the Y and receive a charitable deduction equal to the current value of the assets without capital gains tax.

Purchase a life insurance policy naming the Y as the beneficiary, and take a charitable deduction equal to the premium amount. Several plans are
available in which a new policy can be fully paid in a period of five to seven years.

You may add the Y as a revocable beneficiary of your qualified IRA, pension plan, bank account or insurance policy.

To find out more, please contact:
Taylor Walsh, Director of Development, 262-354-3314

Individuals who have made a meaningful gift to the YMCA Endowment Fund are recognized for their generosity and become members of the Heritage Club. Becoming a member of the Heritage Club requires a commitment, which now, or in the future, will add to the Y’s Endowment Fund.

Current Heritage Club Members:

Anonymous (2)
Dan and Judy Berghoefer
Bruce and Jo Brown*
Bart Brown*
C. W. Brown*C. W. Brown Trust*
Lorraine Buckman
John and Judy Cooley
Robert and Lorri Denman
Marion E. Elliott*
Jon P. Evert*
Mrs. Katherine Fink*
Grace and Truth Bible Church
Genesee Aggregate Corp.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hanson*
Dick and Mary Henszey*
J.P. Horstick*
Lillian Kingston Trust
William and Helen Kueht*
Norma Lowe
Betty Mamerow*
Dean and Mary Ann Martinelli
John and Jan McCormick
Pat and Mary Sue McNamee
Lou* and Jacky Morgan
Thomas W. and Jane Mount
Thomas C. and Lynn Mount
J.D. Norman*
Herbert F. Notbohm Trust*
Clarence Optenburg*
Dick* and Bobbie Protzmann
Joe and Julie Reuteman
Rexnord Foundation
Laurel (Bud) and Phyllis Roach*
Roehl Corporation
Roehl Foundation
Ed and Marilyn Rohloff*
Ann Rowe*
Todd and Leah Scheid
Hilbert Scherffius*
Jeff and Deb Senglaub Family
David* and Lucy Shanks
Dr. Peter J. Sheild
Todd and Kirsten Sivak
Shirley Smart
Ellen Strommen
Ralph and Betsy Trepte*
Joseph B. Weix*
David and Lisa Young
Nate and Kristina Zastrow


*In loving memory