Guests & Guest Passes

Each membership includes 4 free guest passes a year.

Guest Passes can also be purchased at Member Services for the following fees:


  • Youth/Teen Guest (age 0-19) – $6
  • Adult Guest (age 20+) – $11
  • Family Guest – $15

*Guests ages 0-15 are not allowed to use the cardio, circuit, or weight rooms.


  • Youth/Teen Guest (age 0-19) – $10
  • Adult Guest (age 20+) – $15
  • Family Guest – $25

When using a guest pass, keep in mind the following:

  • If you would like to use amenities that require a reservation, please call in advance to have our Member Service Team reserve your spot in a group exercise class or in a lap lane or racquetball court. 

  • Guests can use Kid’s Corner at the community participant rate.

  • Non-members age 18 and older will be asked to show photo ID and to complete a Participation Waiver and Liability Waiver.

  • Non-members under the age of 18 must have a Participation Agreement and YMCA Association Liability waiver filled out by their legal guardian prior to their visit. Please call Member Services prior to their first visit set up their account or when they arrive for the visit, we can send you a link to the waiver.