Workout Tips During the Wellness Center Renovation

We’re so excited about our renovation of the Wellness Center and the improvements it will offer so that we can serve you better. During the course of the 25 day renovation, which includes technology-driven equipment and other incredible strength-building pieces, you may be wondering how to continue to maintain your strength and stamina. Here are some tips from our Group Exercise Coordinator, Leighann Moll, to keep your fitness at its peak as we all await the grand re-opening:

Swimming: This is one of the most effective forms of exercise as it is a no-impact, high-calorie burning activity that boosts your metabolism and burns a lot of calories while feeling no sensation of sweating! *Make sure to reserve a lap lane here.

Group exercise classes: While the upstairs may not be accessible, the downstairs Aerobic Studio, gym, pool, and outdoor spaces will be used for a plethora of group classes. For strength, BodyPump works every major muscle group while focusing on muscular endurance. Les Mills Core is a 30-minute intense core workout. Les Mills Sprint is a 30-minute intense HIIT class using the cycling bike as its tool. Aqua classes like Aqua Running with Challenge will challenge you in many ways! All of these will keep your fitness at an elevated level over these 25 days. Use your YMCA app to see all classes available!

Basketball, Pickleball, Racquetball, Walleyball: Consider an adult sport included with your Y membership! More than just a workout, a sport will move your body in all planes of motion, and test your agility and coordination, all while having fun! You can’t say that about running on a treadmill!

YMCA360: If you have never checked out the YMCA360 feature included with your membership, maybe over these 25 days, it’s meant to be. There are hundreds of at-home workouts for all ages, levels and abilities. You can even learn more about healthy recipes, meditation, and much more! 

Jog, walk or hike outdoors: Lake Country offers many beautiful trails and parks to enjoy the outdoors, so what better time to make use of our surrounding area? Hillwalking is low-impact and an excellent option for cardiovascular training. Want the ultimate intensity? Besides Les Mills Sprint, try hill sprinting! Aim for a 1:2 work: rest ratio. Meaning if it takes you 45 seconds to sprint a short hill, take only 90 seconds to walk back down, recover, and repeat. This will pump your heart and train your legs at a high-intensity level.

Make use of another YMCA in the area, especially the Ehlinger Center in Watertown where you can get a sneak peak of the EGYM technology-based equipment coming to Pabst Farms. It’s a short drive and you can access all that you are used to and more at Watertown!

Until then, go online to schedule your new orientation for the EGYM equipment, so once we re-open on June 24, you will be ready to make use of the newest wave in fitness!

Wellness Center Renovations

The Wellness Center will be closed on Thursday, May 30th at 5:00am through Sunday, June 23rd. Take a look to see what exciting NEW upgrades are coming, closure dates and additional information of what to expect during this renovation time.



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