Meet the Y Team: Cameron Cudnohowski

Here at the Y, we have a great team of staff members! We’d love for you to put a face to a name and get to know them a little better. 
Each month, we will feature a different director from either our Pabst Farms or Watertown branch locations.
We hope you enjoy this new opportunity to meet our incredible Y Team! 

This month, we’d like you to meet…

Youth Program Director at the Watertown Area YMCA, Cameron Cudnohowski.

Cameron wears many different hats at the Y, but does so with lots of enthusiasm! Here’s a bit more about Cameron…

How long have you worked for the Y? June 2016

My job at the Y is:

Youth Sports Director; Supervisor of the Managers on Duty; Supervisor of the Youth/Teen Room; Supervisor of the Gymnasium; Personal Trainer; Group Exercise Instructor; Responsible for the Maintenance of the Weight Machines; Manager of the Watertown YMCA Facebook/Instagram Account

Pets: An English Cream Golden Retriever named “Thor”

Hobbies include: Jiu Jitsu, Skateboarding, Frisbee Golfing…

I work for the Y because: The Y family is the best part about working with this organization.

Favorite music: Metal and Hard Rock, my favorites are Metallica and Pantera.

Favorite movie: Jurassic Park

The most fun part about my job is: Interacting with everyone on the daily, and playing basketball with the Shuler boys.

Favorite sports team: Forever a New England Patriots fan, but Tom Brady is my favorite athlete.

Favorite restaurant: Fiesta Cancun is where my fiancé and I had our first date, but wherever I can get a margarita and a burrito.

The most meaningful part of my job is: Bringing joy to the individuals I interact with directly/indirectly with my job duties, whether its helping someone achieve their goals through fitness our providing someone a spot on a sports team with their friends.

Favorite way to relax: Cooking dinner and watching cooking shows

Favorite holiday: Halloween. I love the colors, apple picking, corn mazes, pumpkins, caramel apples, breezy weather, scary movies, and costume parties.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned while working at the Y is: Patience.



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