Lessons Along the Journey

Written by Bruce Osborn, Director of Spiritual Development

A Spiritual Reflection

The Glacial Community YMCA is a unique place.  Over the course of 35+ years in ministry I have served in a variety of places, but this one is different.  Much different.  And over the course of the 16 years I have been here I have learned, and continue to learn, some valuable lessons.  Allow me, if you will, a few moments to share some of those lessons with you:

  • All people are valuable.  No matter where we are in life, or where we have come from, we all matter.  And because of our God’s great grace, our best days are ahead.  And by using what God has gifted us with, each of us can truly make a difference in the lives of others, the life of this organization, and in our community. 
  • Relationship, relationship, relationship.  It truly is all about the relationship.  Our relationships in the workplace, at church, in the community, and in our neighborhood are important, but there is none more important than our relationship first with Christ, and then with our family. 
  • An open-door policy.  This is modeled from the top.  Our CEO has always operated with this policy.  And anyone (member, volunteer, or staff) has the freedom to stop and chat, gain some advice for life, or seek guidance on a YMCA related issue.  And there might just be a conversation about the latest round of golf to be told too.  That kind of policy creates openness in all other areas of our organization.  
  • Leading by example.  Our staff and volunteers are incredible.  Everyone is quick to join the effort to see that our organization succeeds.   No task is too small and no feat is too great.  By faith, and a little hard work, great things are accomplished every day. 
  • Being mission focused.  The YMCA has an outstanding mission.  And this YMCA lives out that mission every day.  It is seen throughout our facility and our programs.  We are daily seeking to “put Christian principles into action…” in all we do.  
  • And finally, respect.  Everyone who walks through our doors brings with them a story, a history, and dreams for a better tomorrow.  And each of those stories and dreams matter.  They matter to us, and they matter to our God.  And our organization sees value in each of those stories.

So, what is your story? What dreams do you carry? Our YMCA community is a place where those stories can be shared. It is a place to be heard, because, as I have found, it is much more than a story. It is more than a history.  It is a life. It is a record of the journey God has for you. And this Y is a place you can serve, grow, and relate to others whose journey might look very similar to yours, or very different. But the value, the respect and the relationships you find at our Y are what we are all about. So, come, tell us your story and find hope for your journey in life.

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” – Jesus’ words in Luke 6:31


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