Finding Hope Again: Lori’s Story

Lori on EGYM

Since COVID-19, Lori has been unable to find a secure job. In late 2023, she was unexpectedly laid off and felt she had lost hope. Stuck in a rut with no job or place to go during the day and not knowing anyone in Watertown, she knew something had to change.

She had been contemplating a Y membership but was concerned about the cost. Not used to being the one needing help, one day she stumbled across the link to apply for financial assistance. She was approved and from there was “catapulted into all these connections and positive influences.”

Lori says the Y has changed her life mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She started playing pickleball and found the blessing of friends in her same age bracket. This month, Lori completed her first EGYM workout program. She says, “Even in the first week, I could tell it was changing my strength level. I am standing up straighter and feeling taller”.

While working out at the Ehlinger Center one day, she was overjoyed to see people with disabilities exercising through the Fitness Friends program. She is excited to start volunteering with the program and giving back after being blessed herself.

Lori is so grateful to the Y for providing the opportunity to become a member. She says, “The Y picked me up and gave me hope again.”

“The Y picked me up and gave me hope again.”

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