Whatever your wellness goals, reach them with EGYM — a new, personalized and full-body strength-training experience.

EGYM utilizes state-of-the-art technology, connecting you to electronic equipment that adjusts to your body, all while helping you keep a routine and making workouts fun. 

Use of EGYM is included in your YMCA membership.

How it Works

Whether you’re a novice or a fitness junkie, EGYM adjusts to you, and workouts become more precise in the development of strength, flexibility, metabolism and cardio health. This process is super-efficient, too; you can finish a full-body workout in as little as 22 minutes.

During your initial orientation, a wellness coach will give you your free wristband and walk you through a strength assessment to find your optimal resistance setting. Your coach will also set the machine to your proper range of motion. After this first time through with a coach, you are good to go! It’s just that simple!

At your future visits, you will start at the first machine in the circuit. The tap of your activated wristband at each machine will automatically set the weight level and range of motion for you and the smart equipment will adapt and progress you through a work out with an interactive screen. 

  • A video game-like interface on every machine guides you to move at the right pace with the right form.
  • Machines are configured as a circuit, and a timer tells you when to change machines to ensure a full workout in less than 30 minutes.
  • Tailored Programs specific to your goals:
    • Weight Loss | Decrease Body Weight
    • Muscle Building | Improve Bone Density & Build Muscle
    • Athletic | Increase Power & Decrease Risk of Fall
    • General Fitness | Enhance Functional Mobility
    • Rehab Fit | Low Intensity Program Designed to Assist with Injury Recovery
    • Body Toning | Reduce Body Fat & Increase Muscle Definition
    • Metabolic Fit | Focus on Muscle Endurance
    • Immunity Boost | Simple & Progressive Re-Entry to Exercise After Time Off
  • All of your EGYM workouts are logged in the Y App without any work needed!

EGYM Orientations:

  • YMCA at Pabst Farms –  EGYM orientations can be made online.  Click HERE to register.
  • Ehlinger Center (Watertown Area YMCA) – Call the Member Service Desk (920-262-8555) to set up your EGYM orientation! 
Two women using the EGYM machine

Integration with the Y App

  • All EGYM workouts and progress are instantly uploaded into your app. All other exercises can be tracked in the app. Either log them directly, or sync with other fitness apps or wearables.
  • Information from EGYM will automatically be used in the Y App to provide you a Biological Age (BioAge) based on strength, metabolism, flexibility and cardio.
  • View your progress over time to see how you’ve improved.