Fitness is Better Together

In September 2022, longtime Y member Cheryl Hoegele-Schlicht was enjoying a weeklong trip to Las Vegas with her adult daughter, Jess. The two ladies realized that they were easily achieving 15k plus steps each day, walking around Vegas. They kept it up every day while on vacation. After they returned home, they decided to continue their daily streak and held each other accountable to working out each day.

After completing 30 days, the next goal was to reach 100 days. 100 days was tough but they did it. Mother and daughter kept on moving! A year later, Cheryl and Jess met their goal of exercising daily for 365 days in a row. They celebrated their one year with a trip back in Vegas, where it all started. It’s now November, and their streak is still going strong, for over 400 days and counting.

Cheryl attends Y group exercise classes to stay motivated in her journey. She enjoys a variety of classes including water aerobics and BodyCombat and she credits her experience in class and the fitness instructors as being very strong contributors to her success. “All the instructors are inspirational. I told a few of them about my goal, which helped me stay accountable. Kathy Wood in particular has been a great support. She gave me an inspirational quote bracelet on Day 100, which kept me motivated on some days where I didn’t feel like exercising.” 

Cheryl has found that classes definitely makes working out more fun; “I’ve made friends in classes that are now my friends outside the Y. Between knowing that there will be people expecting me to come, the great music and the enthusiasm of the teachers, I know I’ll get a challenging & fun workout.”

This kind of commitment doesn’t come easy. Cheryl says there were days where she was busy & didn’t get her workout done until after 10:00pm. But her commitment to herself, to her daughter and her “Y people” kept her going. “Knowing that people at the Y cared about me helped me stay accountable.”

If you’re looking to make exercise part of your regular routine, Cheryl has some advice: “Use the app to look for classes. Don’t be afraid to try something new. The instructors care and are there to help you. List your exercise or classes in your personal calendar as an appointment, so you make it a priority. Even if it’s not 7 days a week – set a goal for yourself. For an added bonus, tell someone that you’re doing it. You will become stronger physically & emotionally, when you prove to yourself that you can do it.”

Our fall group exercise schedule is loaded with opportunities for you to get in a fun workout with friends. If you’re new to group exercise, try an “intro” class before the real class and learn about the format, come early to class and introduce yourself to your instructor or schedule a SMART Start appointment to learn more about classes that would be a good fit for you.

Photo of friends in Vegas