Summer Water Safety Tips

The water is a great place for family fun when everyone knows the rules to stay safe. The Y introduced the country to group swim lessons over 110 years ago in 1909. Now, as one of the largest community-based organizations in the country, we teach more than 2,000 children invaluable water safety and swimming skills each year.

Water Safety Tips for Parents and Guardians:

  • Make sure kids know to always ask permission before going into or near water.
  • Designate a responsible adult to be a Water Watcher and maintain constant visual contact with all children playing in or near the water.
  • Water Watchers: make sure you’re not distracted by your phone, a book or other tasks.
  • Don’t rely on water toys to protect weak swimmers. Coast Guard-approved life jackets are the only water safety devices certified to protect children.
  • Teach children to avoid drains in the pool: drains can cause them to get trapped under the water.
  • Don’t let kids play breath-holding games. They can easily lose consciousness.

In addition to learning lifesaving water safety skills, you and your children can increase your physical activity by swimming. It also motivates children to strive for self-improvement, teaches goal orientation and cultivates a positive mental attitude and high self-esteem. Swimming teaches everyone how to work well with teammates and coaches, and how to cope with winning and losing!