Play Like a Kid Again: Adult Recess

Remember the fun of recess time as a kid? Playing kickball, capture the flag or four-square with friends, learning to double-dutch to the beat of the jump rope hitting the pavement, or chasing classmates in a game of tag…no matter what the activity, the sheer exhilaration of joyful play was the very best.

It was this childlike nostalgia that inspired Dawn Liddicoat, Director of Heath and Wellness for the Watertown Area YMCA, to bring back that familiar feeling of being a kid again, by offering Adult Recess for members and guests at the YMCA.

Adult Recess is a chance for adults to come to the Y and experience a night of pure fun, with the opportunity to do things like play games and cards, ping pong, foosball, wallyball, pickleball, or other sports in the gym.

Whether it’s participating in a round of Giant Jenga, playing musical chairs, or challenging your opponent to a jump rope contest, adults are encouraged to let loose and act like a kid again.

YMCA member and Adult Recess enthusiast, Katie VanDerLinden, had this to share about joining in on all the action, “So much socializing is stagnant, this gets us up and moving and interacting. Everyone gets to play; all abilities and we just have good old-fashioned fun.”

Most participants agree that Adult Recess offers them a safe and sane environment with positive peer pressure to move their bodies, make new friends and simply have a blast while doing so. The Y is happy to provide support for those in the community looking for a social outlet that promotes a healthy lifestyle. In a world where being a grown up is hard, we could all benefit in taking some time to play like a kid again.