Friendship in All Walks of Life

Watertown Area YMCA members enjoy time spent together.

Whoever said “blood is thicker than water” certainly never met the rousing group of friends who make up the “One Big Happy Y Family” at the Watertown Area YMCA.

Coming from all different walks of life, these active senior women truly love, laugh and live well together. Celebrating everything from birthdays, graduations and holidays to hosting events and outings to welcoming one another back from a surgery or illness, they are one tight knit group of gal pals.

Nell Winkler, long-time YMCA member, considers herself lucky for being part of such a special friendship. At 76 years young, Winkler first joined the Watertown Y when it was known as the HAWC in order to start working on gaining back muscle tone and strength. Now, several years later, she says she had no idea at the time that it would lead to all the amazing friendships she has today.

“The Y has impacted me in so many ways,” she says. “I have made lovely friends. If I miss a class, it really affects my entire day. I’m so very thankful for the people at the Y and their kindness.”

Winkler says her friendships made at the Y go even further than just exercising together. “We’ve confided in one another. We’ve hugged and cried. We’ve comforted one another in times of need.”

She considers herself to be a happy, healthy senior because of what the Y has offered her both physically and emotionally.