Watertown Area YMCA Classes

Summer Session starts June 15 - August 22

The Y will be closed Saturday, July 4th for Fourth of July.

Development of athletic skills such as jumping, landing, lunging, twisting, lifting, quickness and changing directions create a better athlete and those skills will enhance your specific sport. These skills will be needed throughout a sports career, so learning from a Personal Trainer can help to prevent injuries when doing them on their own.


YMCA at Pabst Farms Classes

Summer Session starts June 14 - August 22

The Y will be closed Saturday, July 4th for Fourth of July.

GIRLS UP-LIFT: (Ages 14-18)
Up-Lift is a strength and functional training program designed for teenage girls and taught by a female Personal Trainer. Class time will be used to help improve body/self-image within the group environment, boost mental and physical health through exercise, and use stations and circuits to keep it fun and engaging.

ROADRUNNERS: (Ages 10-15)
This summer distance running program is designed to condition and prepare youth runners for the upcoming cross country season. Participants will learn the specifics of running and racing longer distances. Emphasis will be on teamwork, efficiency, proper form & mental and physical stamina.
Not a cross country athlete? This 4-week session is a great opportunity to give running a try. No experience necessary! 

This beginner boxing program will teach basic boxing skills and techniques while increasing strength and endurance. Your young lady can expect a cardio workout, calisthenic drills, shadow boxing, bag work, partner drills and core strengthening exercises. This class is sure to condition the body, mind and spirit of each of the participants. *Gloves are needed for the class and are not included.

TEEN TRX: (Ages 10-15)
Use the off-season to build a solid athletic foundation with this youth fitness program. This class
is designed to teach young athletes how to move and train properly to improve speed, agility, coordination, and create injury-resistant athletes, preparing them for the upcoming sports season. TRX builds true functional strength while improving flexibility, balance, coordination, power, endurance and core stability. Suspension training uses unique exercise movement, challenged
by your own body weight and gravity to execute each exercise.