Offered at Watertown Area Branch

Pre-school Tumbling (Ages 3-6)
This class will focus on stretching, ways to move your body and basic tumbling skills.
We incorporate fun music and movement to exercise the child’s mind and body.

Our progressive tumbling program is designed for children to learn at their own pace. Advancing to the next level is dependent on the child’s completion of required skills. Week one of each session will be a placement testing day. Once a student has mastered all skills they can be advanced to the next level at any time. Formal testing will be done the first week of every season.

Tumbling Level I
Mastering skills such as: forward roll, backward roll on incline mat, lunge kick, cartwheels, handstand, and a walking bridge.

Tumbling Level 2 
Continue to work on perfecting the skill of level one. Adding on the standing bridge, rocking up from the bridge, handstand to forward roll, handstand to bridge, running hurdle cartwheel, bridge kick over on incline mat, and run, jump, forward roll on incline mat.

Tumbling Level 3
Intermediate tumbler, mastered skills from level 1 & 2. Participants will be working on a front limber, front and back walkover, running round-off rebounds, and the starting steps of a back handspring.