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Take back 2020 with motivation to strengthen your life inside and out.

The 6-week STRONG Challenge is FREE for everyone in the community and is designed to help transform spirit, mind and body.

It involves committing to 20 minutes of physical activity a day, five days a week for 6 weeks, and it also provides activities, support and motivation to open everyone up to a purpose driven life that is STRONG.

Take the Challenge, have some fun, and discover what it means to be STRONG. 

To join the challenge, text the keyword STRONG to 833-352-0398





Having a prominent place in the home to post your goals to see every day and track your progress will be key in these first days.

That's why the first 500 to join the STRONG Challenge, will receive a kick off package with a dry erase tracking calendar to help keep you accountable (and an insulated Y water bottle to keep you hydrated!) 

You can also download a digital version of the tracking calendar today!

Surround yourself with support


Having an accountability buddy (an AccountabiliBuddy) or partner in the challenge will provide the motivation you need within your existing network. 

Looking for more support?

Join the national STRONG Facebook group! This private Facebook group is for participants of the Strong Challenge from Y's all across the country. Post encouragement, success stories, and transformational moments!