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The YMCA's Youth & Teen programs cultivate a space for children to experience, explore, and engage with resources and people in the community to help the development of their minds, bodies, and spirit.


Middle School Transport

(5th - 8th Grade Y Members)
Looking to do something fun after school instead of going home? Hang out in the Lounge, do homework, shoot hoops, climb the rock wall or swim. The Y provides a safe, welcoming environment where middle schoolers can feel a sense of belonging and build positive relationships all while having fun after school!


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Electronic Sports, or Esports, takes on the form of organized, multiplayer online video game competitions and is one of the fastest growing trends for youth engagement. The Y can be the best open and competitive esports league in the country for youth through a private, in person and online competitive program where kids and parents can be safe, moderated, and trained.

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Committed to youth development, it makes sense that the Y is the ideal partner to support your homeschool efforts. Along with courses that challenge young scholars, we also offer engaging experiences that keep students active and help them build solid relationships.


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YMCA Achievers

We are excited to announce that we are revamping our Leadership Volunteer Program (LVP) to provide a leadership development program that will better serve the teens in our community!  


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Safety Workshops

Safety training programs make protecting and saving lives possible. We offer a unique classroom setting that encourages discussion, helping young adults as they grow in their desire and ability to be a positive force in the community.

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Youth & Teen Programs

We impact our community by supporting teens as they develop lifelong habits for health and well-being in an environment which fosters becoming respectful, responsible, honest and caring individuals in order to develop into contributing members of the community.


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Youth & Teen Hangouts

Check out our spaces designated for youth and teens at the YMCA at Pabst Farms and the Watertown Area YMCA!


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