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ROCK ON! The Rock Wall is re-opening this Fall!


Re-Opening Week
Visit the rock wall for open climbing, climbing crafts, and more!

Tuesday, August 30th  •  5:00-7:00pm 

Thursday, September 1st •  5:00-7:00pm 


Bitty Bouldering: (Ages 3-4)
We'll focus on the fun-filled basics of climbing through bouldering. Our goal is to help your little one increase coordination and gain confidence on the wall. Parent participation is encouraged.

Bitty Climbing: (Ages 5-6)
Participants will focus on the building blocks of Rock Climbing, teamwork and having tons of fun! The goal
during each class is that they will continue to challenge themselves and become more comfortable at the
climbing wall.

Y Rockstars: (Age 7-8)
Our goal is to help young climbers build confidence, overcome fears, work with others, and have fun! Climbers will continue to grow in technique, skills and strength in rock climbing.