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The YMCA Special Olympics/Adaptive Sports programs encourage athletes to practice their skills, build their endurance, improve their fitness and learn the rules and regulations of a variety of sports to prepare for future competition opportunities. 



(Offered at the YMCA at Pabst Farms Branch)

Special Olympics Flag Football: (Ages 8+)
Punt, pass, kick!  Learn the skills and rules of Flag Football as we prepare for optional Special Olympics competitions. Practices and games will be outdoors. A practice and game schedule will be handed out the first week of practice.

August 15 - October 8
5:30 - 6:30 pm


Special Olympics Swim Team: (Ages 8+)
Freestyle, backstroke, butterfly! Let us help you to learn or fine-tune specific techniques and strokes for future competitions. Swimmers must be able to swim 1 length (25M) unassisted in the competitive pool. There are two practice times 6:30-7:10 and 7:15-7:55. Please register for the same group you were in in the last session, if you did not participate previously please contact Jodi Dabrowski to find out which practice time is best for you. Practice will not be held on the nights of OHS Swim Meets, prices have been pro-rated and a schedule will be e-mailed to all registered participants

September 7 - December 14
Swim Team 1:  6:30 - 7:10 pm

Swim Team 2:  7:15-7:55 pm


Special Olympics Volleyball: (Ages 8+)
Bump, set, spike! Learn basic volleyball skills including serving, returning and volleying as you participate in this team sport. There will be an option for competition against other local teams. A practice and game schedule will be 
handed out the first week of practice.

September 12 - December 5
7:00 - 8:00 pm

Special Olympics Basketball: (Ages 8+)  
Dribble, pass, shoot! Learn basketball skills, strategy and rules and prepare for team competition. Competition is optional. Practice and game schedule will be handed out the first week of practice.  

December 6, 2022 - April 11, 2023
5:30 - 7:30 pm


Special Olympics Bowling: (Ages 8+)  
Split, spare, strike! We are working hard to reserve some time for our group at a bowling alley in the area.  Please check back for updates.