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We are here to help you stay motivated and reach your goals. Whether you are interested in a boxing style class like Guard Up or you're getting ready for your next 5K, the Y offers a variety of training programs to get you ready!




YMCA at Pabst Farms

Guard Up (Ages 18+) 
Gloves and wraps are needed for all Guard Up classes and are not included.

  • Guard Up: Join Leighann Moll for this fat-blasting, empowering and highly rewarding small group boxing training program that is like on other.  With over 17 yrs experience in boxing training and will, Leighann will help you achieve more from your fitness than you ever thought possible.
    • New to the program?  Must have class experience or take Guard Up Start Up first.
  • Guard Up Start Up: Starter class to the popular, Guard Up program. Class will focus on Guard Up fundamentals teaching you proper form and technique to build muscle safely, at the appropriate pace and help to reduce injury. This program is required if you are new to Guard Up. Class lead by Sara Dow, SCW certified boxing coach and Body Combat instructor.
    • Location; Mind Body Studio. 

Pilates Mat: (Ages 18+) 
The sequence of Pilates exercises will challenge core strength and increase dynamic stability. It's designed to bridge the connection between the mind and the body with a unique system that stretches and strengthens the body, relieves tension, and improves posture.

Power Up - For Women: (Ages 40+)
Being strong not only makes you look and feel good, it is ESSENTIAL. Stop the natural muscle density loss as we age and do something about it. All the cardio in the world will not cut it. This program, designed for age 40+ women and will teach you proper lifting techniques and load to wake up your muscles. The benefits include boosting metabolism, strengthen connective tissue to help prevent injury, increase athletic performance and of course make you stronger and help you look great! Class is a small group and taught by a personal trainer.

Power Up, Start Up
If you are brand new to strength training and the concept of having an exercise routine, then this is exactly where you need to start.  We will teach you the proper techniques of strength training, to build strength safely and at a pace suitable for you. 

Power Up Plus
This group is for individuals who have taken the Power Up Start Up class or are accustomed to regular moderate to vigorous exercise.



Watertown Area YMCA

NEW! Golf Conditioning: 
Hit the ball further, avoid low back pain, improve your overall fitness and take your game to the next level. This small group training will help you train like a pro off the course. In 4-weeks, you will learn foundational movement patterns to improve your athleticism and a series of warm ups and exercise programs you can use in the off season so you can show up stronger and enjoy the game more.

Guard Up: (Ages 18+)
Join us for this fat-blasting, empowering and highly rewarding small group boxing training program that is like no other. Gloves and wraps are needed for class and gloves are not included.

Nutrition Challenge: 
Jump start a healthy relationship with food. Learn to eat better without “dieting” or feeling deprived. Get on track, no matter where you are now. Lead by a Certified Nutrition Coach.