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Our YMCA Child Care provides high-quality education for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years. Well-trained teachers and caregivers teach children using curriculum that focuses on education through physical, social, emotional & cognitive experiences as well as religion classes.

Open Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
Scholarships are available. For information call (262) 468-0478.



(Ages 6 weeks to 12 months)
Daily care needs and parent collaboration are high priority for these teachers.  Your little one will have the best care while being engaged in music, books, sensory and play.

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(Ages 1-2 years) 
The toddler room serves children that are 12-24 months old. The children are exposed to language, sensory, art and pre math activities. Toddlers love to explore and get their hands dirty we offer many opportunities for this when playing in the classroom and outside. 


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Jr/Sr 2's

(Ages 2-3 years)
From colors, shapes and numbers to friendship and learning how to skip and jump, these teachers offer high-quality, energetic lessons to keep your child’s mind, body and spirit growing. Gym classes once per week!


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(Ages 3-4)
Children in 3K explore literacy, math, science and art. Beyond these everyday activities, 3K students experience gym and swimming. We also transport to and from select sports, dance and swim programs.


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4K Full Day

(Ages 4-6) Pre-Kindergarten
Children in 4K will take their literacy and academic skills to the next level by engaging in reading and writing, science experiments, mathematical skills, imaginative play and much more. All children in 4K also have the opportunity to participate in swim, gym, Religion and Spanish classes.


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4K Wrap

(Ages 4-6) Pre-Kindergarten
Enjoy the convenience of child care right at your school with the Y’s 4K Wrap Around Care! With a focus on safety, health, social growth and academic enhancement, the Y offers participants a variety activities that explore and develop their interests and talents.


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The goal of YMCA Child Care Center is to provide all children enrolled with a developmentally appropriate program that emphasizes the different areas of children’s development, which are physical, cognitive, social – emotional, language and spiritual. We believe children learn best through exploration, play, intentional and positive interactions. Our classrooms are set up with a “hands-on” approach and provide opportunities for both self-directed and teacher directed activities. We will support each child and family’s individuality and diversity by being sensitive to their needs thru direct communication. 



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