Monthly Rate 
First Year
Monthly Rate Subsequent Years

Youth / Teen
(0-19 years)

$32 $29

Young Adult
(20-24 years)

$44 $39

(25+ years)

$66 $61


$93 $83

Senior Adult

$59.40 $54.90


(Both Members

$83.70 $74.70


NOTE: Subsequent year rates are paid after 12 continuous months of membership.

* Household membership includes one or two adults and their dependents (children under age 24 if full-time students), all residing in the same household. A maximum of 2 additional related individuals can be included in the membership at the additional cost of $10 per person. (Individuals must be residing at the same address and will need to provide proof of the address by showing a State ID or Driver’s License.)

** Senior Household: Both individuals residing at the same address must be 62+ years old to qualify for a Senior Household membership

The Y Board of Directors may, at its discretion, adjust the membership rates. A four-week notice will be given prior to any changes.