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Membership rates are determined based on the unique features and amenities of each branch. New members should join the branch location they will utilize the most.


YMCA at Pabst Farms Rates (effective 9-13-22)


Membership Type

Monthly Rate
(First Year)

Monthly Rate (Subsequent Years)

Youth / Teen (0-19 years)

$35 $32

Young Adult (20-24 years)

$48 $43

Adult (25+ years)

$70 $65


$97 $87

Senior Adult (62+ years)

$63 $58

Senior Household**
(Both Members are 62+)






NOTE: Subsequent year rates are paid after 12 continuous months of membership.

* Household membership includes one or two adults and their dependents (children thru age 24), all residing in the same household.  A maximum of 2 additional related individuals can be included in the membership at the additional monthly cost of $10/person.  Individuals must be residing at the same address and will need to provide proof of the address by showing a State ID or Driver's License.

** Senior Household includes only two individuals residing at the same address.  Both individuals must be 62+ years old to qualify for a Senior Household Membership. (If more than 2 people on the membership, please refer to Household membership)

The Y Board of Directors may, at its discretion, adjust the membership rates. A four-week notice will be given prior to any changes.

Methods of Payment

Membership dues can be paid through convenient monthly automatic bank draft or by paying the full annual rate using cash, check or MasterCard/Visa/Discover.