Meet the Y Team: Stacy Giddings

Here at the Y, we have a great team of staff members! We’d love for you to put a face to a name and get to know them a little better. 
Each month, we will feature a different director from either our Pabst Farms or Watertown branch locations.
We hope you enjoy this new opportunity to meet our incredible Y Team! 

This month, we’d like you to meet…

Stacy Giddings, Director of Development for the Glacial Community YMCA.

How long have you worked for the Y? 1 year

My job at the Y is: Director of Development: I get to help people make a difference by giving back to their community by making the people who live in them stronger and healthier.

Pets: Lindy, our golden doodle.

Hobbies include: attending live theater, reading novels, dining alfresco, playing games, kayaking, and exploring new landscapes

I work for the Y because: The Y gave me what I needed in my time of need and now I want to pay it forward and help other people on their path to attain a healthy spirit, mind and body.

Favorite music: anything I can dance to

Favorite movie: The Sound of Music or any of the Austin Powers movies.

The most fun part about my job is: meeting people and hearing their story.  This helps me discover what they are most passionate about and then I can align that passion with a purpose.

Favorite sports team: The Packers

Favorite restaurant: La Merenda

The most meaningful part of my job is: helping people build a legacy

Favorite way to relax: taking my dog for a walk

Favorite holiday: Christmas

The biggest lesson I’ve learned while working at the Y is: Work can be fun!


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Meet the Y Team: Stacy Giddings

This month, we’d like you to meet…

Director of Development for the Glacial Community YMCA, Stacy Giddings.

A fairly newer face to the Y, here’s a bit more about Stacy…

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