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You’ll want to install Zoom on your device (iPhone, Android, iPad, Chromebook, lap top, desktop, etc.) before class as that’s the platform we use for live streaming. A built-in camera on your device is optional but we’d love to see you. (goto


Once on the Y's Live Virtual Workouts webpage, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the name of the CLASS you wish to take based on the DATE. You will be asked to complete a short “form” with your first, last name and e-mail (then be sure to click you are not a robot), and submit.
  2. The class description will tell you what will be needed for the class prior to taking. Have those items ready prior to logging onto your class on the day/time you selected.
  3. You will then see a link and will also receive an email with the Zoom link that will allow you to easily access the class.
  4. Please try to log-in 10 minutes prior to class, so the instructor can learn more about your specific needs & help you be prepared for the workout.  
  5. There are 2 key “buttons” that you control. Both are found in the bottom left corner of your screen via a picture. One is a MIC picture which will automatically be muted upon you entering the Zoom class. The other is your camera (if you device does have a camera) which will also be turned “off”. Keeping your camera off is an option, but your instructor would love to see you and can also help coach you through the class. Again, it is your choice as to what you feel comfortable choosing. (potentially insert liability waiver here?).
  6. During the 10-minute window prior to the start time of class, you are welcome to converse with your instructor and fellow class friends by unmuting your mic (just click on pic of the mic in the bottom left corner of the screen).
  7. The instructor will mute all participants’ microphones as class begins to ensure an optimum sound experience.

Virtual is different from a live class but still a great way to connect and feel a part of our Y Community as you may see both YMCA at Pabst Farms and Watertown Area YMCA members working out together!