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We’re excited to share our new InBody 270, Body Composition Analysis testing device. InBody is one of the most advanced body composition analyzers on the market and is trusted by leading hospitals, universities and professional sports teams because of it’s precision.

Now you can have an accurate picture of your body composition to help you target your training to maximize results.

Why InBody?

    Understand more than your body weight. Measuring body composition allows you to focus on fat loss, not just weight loss.
    Learn your specific Basal Metabolic Rate, the required energy to keep your body functioning optimally.
    Immediate printed results sheet that tracks your progress over time.
    The most comprehensive technology to provide fast and accurate testing on the market’s most trusted body composition analyzer.


  • Individual tests are $15 for members, $35 for CPs.
  • Members can purchase three tests for $40.

Test regularly! See your results over time when you test every one to three months.