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It says I should only make one reservation per day. Is that per person or per family?

Due to our limited capacity we are asking that each person only make one appointment per day. Family members can each make their own appointment. 

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, we are selling and redeeming guest passes at this time. 

Can I utilize my Nationwide membership?   

Nationwide membership is currently accepted at our branches. We encourage our members to call before they visit another Y, as other Ys in the region likely have similar policies. 

I made a reservation but I can’t use it. Can I give it to a family member?

We do review the reservation data and would encourage members to call and modify their reservation if they need to pass it to a family member. 

How do I cancel my appointment?

Please call Member Services to cancel or modify your appointment

What things are not being offered at this time?

  • Café
  • Prime Time
  • Rock Climbing
  • Youth/Teen Room - closed at the Pabst Branch; open at the Watertown branch. Click here for hours


Can I use the whirlpool if I have an aquatic reservation?

Yes, the whirlpool is now open for use.

Are you offering swim lessons?

Swim Lessons are being offered. Click Here for details.

Will you have towel service?

At this time towel service is not available. Please bring your own sweat towel or towel for aquatic usage.



Do I need to make reservations?

Reservations are required for all classes.

Will Virtual Live Classes still be offered?

Virtual Live Classes will continue to be available from here on out. We are happy you have enjoyed them and have made them a permanent feature on our schedule.