COVID-19 Reopening Membership Options

Thank you for being a part of our YMCA family. We deeply appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate the challenging circumstances related to the Coronavirus. We wanted to take a minute to thank you for staying with us and working together as a community to stay healthy. 

As we reopen, we know that our members are looking for respite from a challenging time. We will do our best to continue to provide opportunities to strengthen and re-energize our community, even though we know that your membership will look different for a while.  
We have shared the changes we have made so far as we have condensed our services to meet the requirements of state and local authorities. We encourage all members to be aware and informed about what their membership will look like and what your options are for the future of your membership.
If you didn’t request modifications to your membership during the closure, there are still changes you can make. We want to support your needs and have created new ways to achieve that online.


STAY WITH US – Your YMCA Membership Choice

Your membership has helped support our efforts to meet the critical needs in our community during this pandemic and has ensured we can re-open in a position of strength. So, we’re here to offer several options and we hope one will work for you. You can click on whichever one works best for you and your family.

If you have already contacted the Y about a change to your membership, there is no need to do anything additional.


Option 1: Reinstate My Membership

Rejoin the Y, we have missed you!

For those that needed to stop their membership during the closure, but are ready to rejoin.

Choose Option 1


Option 2: Request A Credit

Support the Y and Get a Credit

Apply the dues you've paid during the closure toward future membership drafts.

Choose Option 2


Option 3: Hold your Membership

Rejoin the Y when you are ready

We are allowing a special extension of membership holds. Keep drafting for $1 per month through August.

You will not have membership benefits including virtual group exercise and facility access during this time. Choose the timeline that works best for you. Modify your membership with at least 5 business days notice.


Choose Option 3


Option 4: Stop Your Membership

We are sorry to see you go and will miss you!

We realize that our services are different right now and may not meet your needs at this time. Use this option to stop your membership draft with the option to rejoin in the future.

Choose Option 4