Do you know how to choose the best diet?  With all the information available to us these days, it’s no wonder that diets fail and people struggle with their weight.  It’s hard to stick to a plan and you might actually hate eating the food a particular diet calls for.  We can get weird about food and it can consume us.  We all have different body types, food preferences, budgets, nutrition knowledge, time for prep and energy needs. 

But what if you could figure out your best diet?  All diets have these things in common. They raise awareness about the food we choose, focus on food quality, eliminate nutrient deficiencies, help control appetite and portions and promote regular exercise.  What if you just did those things? 

A better way to eat better is to “get better at making it better”.  Break it down into small steps. Take one meal at a time.  How can you make your breakfast better?  Could you replace your donut with a whole grain muffin?  How about adding a little protein?  Maybe you have green tea instead of coffee?  Scrambled eggs with chopped peppers?  Now we are talking healthy!  Over time, could you do this with all of your meals? 

Another way to get better at eating better is to be mindful at every meal.  A small group of members did a mindful eating challenge for the month of October.  What they found while on their journey was that they ate less without feeling deprived and they enjoyed their food more.  Over the course of the month, they also learned more about what is the best diet for them, sleep and stress management, alcohol, overeating and mindset.  The focus was more about the experience of eating and not so much on the “diet”.   

If you are interested in “getting better at making it better”, we are offering a workshop on Monday, November 11 at 9:30am or 6:30pm at the Watertown Area YMCA.  Small, incremental changes on how you fuel your body will allow you to be more successful at making habits last and help you meet your health goals.  Join us to find out how. The meeting will be in the conference room on the 2nd floor.  No need to register. 

In 2020, watch for nutrition challenges that can help you chose the best diet for you.  Informational meetings will be in December to help you learn more about it.  Watch our Facebook page for more info. 


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