This is kind of a funny question to ask myself considering I just turned 26 and quite honestly, I have a lot of living still to do. Actually, one of my favorite things to do is planning out road trips that most likely won’t happen. But wow ask any of my friends, I get so ridiculously jazzed planning out some of my dreams. With dreams, of course things get in the way. Let’s face it, life happens and plans change.

Truth is, I’m thankful for 2019. This year has been a year of seizing those opportunities, meeting new extraordinary people and making (some) of my dreams come true.

Earlier this year I read a compelling book which helps me answer this question. I have not just one word of advice, but two with the help of now one of my favorite books, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield:

  1. “I don’t think that anything happens by coincidence…no one is here by accident…everyone who crosses our path has a message for us. Otherwise they would have taken another path or left earlier or later. The fact that these people are here means that they are here for some reason.”
  2. “…Dreams come to tell us something about our lives that we are missing.”

These two remarks are simple yet critical to remember while growing up.

Sometimes youth don’t realize it and frankly, even some adults don’t either. People are truly in your life for a reason, sometimes to bring heartache and some to bring joy. However, you learn lessons from all of them if you allow yourself the opportunity. **And some people are strangers turned into friends who can help make your dreams come true.

The cool part of all of this? You are in THEIR life for a reason too. Be fully present to others and share your stories, passions and help them follow their dreams. **Your presence will leave an impact on the people in your life without you knowing it. Let your words and actions show the people that they matter.

So as 2020 is among us, I urge you to reflect...

Take time to listen, learn and grow from the people and stories that are in your life.



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