With our seeming early onset of winter, we find ourselves fully immersed in the holiday season of 2019. Welcome to it, ready or not. While most of us enter the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas with near childlike anticipation and excitement in our hearts, a couple things can and often do occur that are predictable, yet disappointing nonetheless.

First, there may be a part in us that is unwilling to let go of the Norman Rockwell image of that idyllic holiday experience. Perhaps in our minds we came close to it as a child. We may have tried to create it for our own children. Possibly, a Currier and Ives Christmas is so far removed from anything we have personally experienced that all we can do is roll our eyes. Expectations vs reality can result in discouragement and unhappiness.

Second, because we expect this time of year to be joy filled, our sadness and loneliness can become amplified quite quickly. Think about the times we are by ourselves, family and friends are busy with their lives, we see the great times being had by acquaintances on social media, TV highlights the lights, entertainment, food, laughter. And we are alone. Money may be tight. Health may not allow for us to be out and about for long. Our friends may have plans.

Please come to the Y! This beautiful holiday season can be very stressful and difficult for individuals. The energy, smiles, and conversation of other members may be just what your heart needs. We can help you find opportunities to get together with fellow Y members. All you need to do is ask us or stop in at the Y!     

Happy Thanksgiving! 



Locations: YMCA at Pabst Farms
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