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Three months ago was the beginning of the upheaval of the daily life to which we had been long accustomed. Fear and loneliness followed our initial surprise regarding Covid-19’s magnitude. Impatience with restrictions was not far behind. Fast forward to facilities cautiously re-opening and resuming some activities, only to have the societal rug pulled out from under us with newfound uncertainty surrounding civil unrest, protesting, and rioting.

Will positivity re-emerge at some point? I dare say it has. We may have to be more purposeful in looking for the good and looking away from the news, but it is there!

Have you seen the up close face of a spotted fawn this spring? How about the brilliant colors of the birds at the feeder? Or the string of ducklings crossing the street behind mama?

Here at the Y, the silly giggles of the camp kids have to draw a smile out of us. The witty jokes of members who have not seen each other for months illicit well needed belly laughs.

Take note of the sidewalk art that the neighborhood chalk artists treat us to. Listen to someone practice their musical instrument through open windows, and appreciate whatever degree of talent seems apparent.

Visit a farmer’s market and see that even amid tumultuous times, we still live abundantly. Smell the freshly mown grass. Watch the spectacular lightning show on a warm summer night. Find a swing on a porch, tree, or playground, and let it sweep you off your feet.

Back to the basics. I have heard many returning Y members mention that our very
out-of-the-ordinary past several months have reminded them to refocus on that which we are often too busy to pay mind to, those silver linings God gives us so generously.

We welcome you back to the Y when you are ready to return. We truly have missed seeing you.

Locations: YMCA at Pabst Farms
Category: AOA