by Kate Bromley ( Membership Director, YMCA at Pabst Farms )

While our roots are based in Christian faith, we are open for all. When you join our YMCA community, you belong to a place where families come together to spend quality time with each other, adults connect with friends and pursue interests, and children learn that they can achieve and are accepted.

The Y is a cause for strengthening community through our many opportunities for members and community participants alike. One member commented on our annual member survey, “The YMCA is a facility in which it appeals to a diverse group of individuals from young to old, challenged or non-challenged, physically impaired or physically healthy that comes together as a community to acquire or sustain a healthy mind, body, and spirit that is contagious. From child care to elderly programs, the YMCA has something for everyone to build strong minds and bodies. A wonderful environment for everyone which makes this organization an added bonus to our community.”

The YMCA at Pabst Farms Association continues our focus on all three areas of the original triangle - Spirit, Mind, and Body. We choose to focus on overall health because we can attain so much more in life when we find activities, and people, that inspire us. Here at our Y, you’re as likely to find a workout class as you are Bridge club for seniors. You’ll also find educational courses like Babysitting or Stranger Danger for your child, our Leadership Volunteer Program for teens, or our day program for adults with disabilities. Our programs and events are as popular as anything in the gym, so take a closer look at what you’re interested in with people who are just as interested as you!

At our Y, we offer a sense of community, fellowship and support to further our sense of belonging and purpose. 

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