Have you noticed a new 30-minute class called Roll & Release on our schedule? While it may only be 30-minutes, it could quite possibly be one of the most life-changing experiences we offer. Why? It can provide instant relief for those who:

  • Are inactive for extended periods of time throughout their week (sit at a desk as part of a profession)
  • Do not hydrate to their fullest potential daily (Body Weight in pounds divided by 2 = recommended ounces)
  • Overtrain in their weekly workout regimen
  • Train in a specific plane of motion and do not include multi-planar movement in their workout plan
  • Overtrain specific muscles (usually more “global” muscles versus including micro, “local” stabilizers as well)
  • Do not include an important component of fitness- flexibility- as part of their workout routine
  • Are over 40 years of age and suffer more aches and pains than usual
  • Any or all of the above

In simplistic terms, collagen (a protein molecule that is a component of the muscle sheath that is produced in response to mechanical stress) can form between the layers of skeletal muscle creating adhesions or “knots” that restrict the ability of muscle sheaths to slide against one another. When these adhesions form, they can cause a muscle group to remain in a shortened position which restricts its ability to lengthen and allow movement at a joint.
Therefore, the Roll and Release class will manipulate muscle tissue by applying pressure to break-up collagen adhesions & realign the tissue to allow layers to slide against one another unimpeded. When coupled with stretching (as is done in the Roll & Release class), many of the benefits listed below can be achieved…

  • Eliminate general fascia restrictions
  • Warm muscles and makes them more pliable—great prior to working out
  • Reduces DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) effect
  • Can improve joint range of motion when coupled with stretching- great after you workout
  • Restores muscle length balance across joints
  • Helps bring elasticity to inflamed areas, post-trauma areas
  • Provides a speedier recovery time between workouts
  • Can break-up newer-formed scar tissue and reduce pain of contusions
  • Releases toxins


  • Always check with a doctor before beginning any new exercise particularly if you have any heart or vascular illness
    or chronic pain conditions
  • Expect more discomfort the first few experiences with Roll & Release… you may feel tender or bruised post-work
  • Relief can be achieved in some instantaneously while for others it may take weeks

We supply the foam roller and myofascial release ball that are used within the class. Just sign-up 90-minutes prior to the times Roll & Release if offered to reserve your spot. Class is held on the Mezzanine on the 2nd floor of our Wellness Center except for every other Saturday at 9:45am when it is held in the Mind & Body Studio. Check the YMCA app for class days and times.