There are lots of things to stress about in this world. Whether your concerns are about your family, your health, politics (the list could go on and on), it’s hard not to bring those concerns to the workplace. And that doesn’t even take your work stress into consideration! 
One of our most popular Corporate Wellness Education programs helps combat stress and gives employees mental tools and a physical practice to refocus their mind and free the body of the stresses that constrain us. 

Yoga has benefits for the whole person. Not only does is reduce stress through encouraging a calm mind and body, it can improve energy and productivity. And even a simple yoga practice can build a foundation for total body health. 

The education program we bring onsite to employers and their staff helps each person build a successful yoga practice with a few key components:
•    Set aside the time and give time to each pose
•    Focus your energy on where you are in the moment
•    Have a sense of humor – it’s ok to laugh!

Employees also get to practice the physical poses and receive a handout to keep at their desk or take home with them. All of the yoga poses we use during this program are simple but effective and can be done just about anywhere by almost anyone. 

Yoga has great benefits for both the mind and the body – so much so that we offer classes at the Pabst Farms branch daily! Check our schedule online to review the variety of offerings at times to suite any busy schedule. 

If you think your workplace would benefit from wellness education programming, you can reach out to get our list of offerings for 2020.