By Bruce Osborn

Several years ago I witnessed something that only a creative God could have orchestrated. On our deck hung a flowering pot that had lost most of its flowers and looked like it was on its last leg of life. Probably because we are not the most avid floral aficionados. But in the midst of that plant dying, two doves took up residence and made it their home, bringing life to a basket of dying flowers. Little did we know that this new residence would be home to their ever growing family.
Over the course of the next couple months we observed these two doves preparing for delivery day. They busily went about their task by repeatedly flying in twigs, grass, and anything they could use to create their needed home for this new addition to their family. Soon the eggs were laid and the relentless task of guarding and sitting began. They took turns switching off several times throughout each day, both doing their parental duties for their little ones to come. Then, just as God had designed, one morning those two eggs hatched and two new doves entered into our world. Right there on our deck.
As we watched these days and events unfold, we were reminded of God’s constant love and watch care over us. There were some days that the wind and rain would pummel the nest, swinging that basket from side to side. The swinging was so frenzied that if I were those birds, I’d be looking for somewhere more secure. I would have given up. But they didn’t. No matter how fierce the storm raged, the birds were faithful. They remained strong, even when the worst of the winds blew.

“…God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”  Hebrews 13:5
Maybe your life seems to be tossed around in the winds of circumstances of which you have no control. It could be that your world swings violently from side to side and you are not sure you can hang on any longer. Listen closely and give heed to God’s promise found in Hebrews. God will not leave you, He will not forsake you. Like the lesson learned from the doves, God is faithful. He will not abandon you. He will always be with you wherever you go, even in the most difficult storms of this life. 
In my world, the word ‘never’ is a finite term; it will have an ending point. But in God’s existence, ‘never’ means for all eternity. So go ahead and laugh at the storms raging around you. The God of all creation is on your side and He will see you through. You are safe and secure. Sure, the storm may last for some time, but He’ll be there with you; watching, protecting and keeping faithful vigil over you. Don’t give up, just give in….to Him and His care for you.
Welcome to our world, little birds. Teach us all how to have faith and trust in our Creator.

Locations: YMCA at Pabst Farms
Category: Spiritual