Happy 2020! As we turned another calendar page to begin a new year, many of us resolved to improve our physical health, whether that equates to losing weight, amping up a fitness program, making better eating and drinking choices, or something similar. Now that we are a few weeks into our resolutions, some folks are feeling better and are motivated to continue forward. Congratulations to you! On the other side of that coin, there are others who struggle and are perhaps having serious conversations with themselves regarding forgetting the New Year’s goal entirely. If this might be you, know that you are in good company. Before giving up, try simplifying. Here are a few things to remember as you simplify your aerobic physical activity goal. 

According to www.health.gov, adults who are 65 years and older need at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity per week. Aerobic activity is defined as anything that gets your heart beating faster than usual and includes things you have to do anyways, such as dog walking, vacuuming, gardening, and mowing the lawn. Of course, dedicated exercise like walking, biking, swimming, and taking an aerobic
exercise class fall into this category.

If you exercise vigorously, that is, you can only say a few words in a conversation before taking a breath, the aerobic activity recommendation is 75-150 minutes per week. Regardless of intensity, aerobic activity spread out over 3 or more days per week is more physically beneficial than a single weekly effort. 

Sit less. Move more. Every bit of activity matters in your goal to a healthier 2020. It’s that simple. Come to the Y, and let us help you and motivate you this year because that is our goal. 

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