Written by Bruce Osborn, Director of Spiritual Development


Day one. Welcome to a new world, an emerging one. Overnight, it seems, our language changed. In these last two months, our economy shifted. We as a people are trying to figure out how to relate to each other in a new way.  Everything just feels different. At times, surreal. It’s amazing what ten weeks of quarantine will do to a community. Even to us as an organization. 

This reopening phase feels very foreign. Things look vastly different than they did in early March when we were ordered to close. The gym is now an extension of the wellness center. Kid’s Corner is dark. There’s no coffee at the café. Bill isn’t in his normal spot to smile and provide towel service to you, our members. And many of our regular services have been suspended as we slowly climb out of the nothingness of this Covid season.

But this I know…

The YMCA didn’t disappear. Far from it. We stepped up and met many needs in our community during the past two months. Emergency personnel were provided childcare through the Y. Virtual wellness became a focus as we offered programs that met needs in spirit, mind, and body – and these programs have been well received in the community and among members. Partnerships were forged in new areas as plans for summer continued to move forward. And as a Y we strengthened our mission by serving our community in ways we never imagined.

And this I know, also…

We are where we are today because of the great support of our members and community. We are all confident that we will be stronger as we move forward, together, and because of your support. We know that what you see today is temporary. Reserving a spot to work out or to attend a class won’t last. Things will move more toward “normal” as more time passes and the further we move away from this Covid season. And your Y will be better positioned to serve this emerging needs of our community and world as a result.

But we need YOU!

We need your continued support. We need your continued understanding. We need your continued flexibility. We need your patience as we listen for direction, access the needs of the community, and continue to seek to provide the most meaningful membership experiences that the current governmental guidelines allow.

Our commitment to you, our members, and our community is…

Grace. Understanding. A listening ear. Companionship. Courage. Strength for today. And a great hope for tomorrow. 

More than anything, like you, we are anxiously awaiting the day we are fully open to serve everyone. Until then, let’s all work hard to offer a kind word of encouragement, to love and respect our neighbor, and turn a season of questions into a future of promise. Welcome back to your YMCA. We’re so happy to see you!

Locations: YMCA at Pabst Farms