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Headlines on every newscast, local or national, all reflect the current state of this global pandemic we are facing. The Covid-19 virus has encompassed every facet of life as we know it. Businesses are closed, jobs have been lost, and social distancing has become a way of life. While much has changed in a few short weeks in our world, one thing hasn’t.
Over 2000 years ago, the course of history was forever changed, and it wasn’t due to a virus. It was because God stepped into His creation, in the form of a man, and brought the eternal into the temporal. In just over 33 years on the earth, Jesus changed the world.
We could reflect on his life, death, and resurrection from a myriad of angles. We could take an intellectual, seminarian approach, looking at each event and detail, but I think I’ll leave that to the theologians. Or we could neglect it altogether and take the approach that it was simply folklore. But I’ll leave that to the skeptics. My feeling is that, at least for this brief post, is that holy week can be summarized in one verse in the gospel of John. Not to over-simplify and avoid the importance and deeper meanings of the holy week events, but I think we can summarize Jesus’ mission in this:
“For God so love the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” 
John 3:16
To date, there has been no cure found for the Covid 19 virus. Doctors, researchers, and health professionals around the globe are scrambling to find a vaccine; something that will protect us from this virus that is taking lives daily and having unprecedented effects on this temporal state of life we are in.
But the eternal has not been changed. The same reason Jesus came to live, die and live again generations ago, is still relevant today. His life, sacrificed for yours and mine at the end of that holy week, still provides a cure for the sin virus that has been present since the beginning of time. And it is all because of one reason: God’s love for his creation, mankind.
This year’s holy week might look vastly different than any in recent history. Instead of remembering and reflecting on its importance in social and faith-centered gatherings with others, we’ll spend it in solitude. And in those moments of quiet, the message will still be the same: God loves you and he longs for you to know him in a deep, meaningful way through his Son, Jesus. And that? That’s the central message of not only the holiest of all weeks, but the message of all eternity.
May you know his great love for you this week! Happy week of remembrance, and happy Easter!

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