Simple tips for making the most of eating at home!

Cooking at home is easier when you have a plan. One of our Corporate Wellness offerings includes Lunch and Learns for employees to have an opportunity to grow their wealth of wellness knowledge at their workplace. Try these ideas from our Meal Planning Lunch and Learn to make meal time a little less of a chore.

  • Take stock of what you have and jot it down on paper. What is in your pantry? How about the fridge? If you're feeling creative you might just see meals jump off the page at you. If you need more help, try a site or app like or to help come up with recipes for the food you already have. At a loss? Scroll through 100 easy pantry meals from the Kitchn
  • Batch cook some favorites. If you're cooking pasta, double it to have left overs. Plain noodles, rice or oatmeal can turn into a variety of meals and save you time in your cooking process. This goes for roasted or steamed veggies too!
  • Pick a theme night! Taco Tuesday is just the beginning. What about breakfast for dinner, chili night or salad night? Soup night could mean tomato one week and chicken noodle the next. Or burger night could be beef burgers one week and black bean ones the next. Check out these 20 theme ideas with 3 recipes for each theme.
  • Try something new! Have you ever made your own pizza dough? When was the last time you pulled out your slow cooker or instant pot? Now is a great time to try cooking. It doesn't have to be hard, but requires focus and attention - what a great stay at home distraction! 
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