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Because of COVID-19, my favorite sporting event, The Tour de France, was pushed from its July slot on the calendar to this month, an unheard of September event. No matter the timing of the race, the focus is still the same for the riders: to wear that coveted yellow leader’s jersey. Each rider who starts the event dreams of wearing what is known in French as the Maillot Jaune, or the Yellow Jersey. Because that yellow jersey signifies that you are the fastest rider to that point in the three week race around France. 
What I love about this event is the frenzy that is stirred in the crazed cycling fans of Europe, and the colorful pageantry that is displayed on the roads of the French countryside. It is quite common, too, that over a million fans will line the roads on any given stage, cheering on the riders as they race up a mountainside or through the local towns. It’s quite the spectacle.
Maybe your dream is not to wear yellow, but the truth is we all chase after something, or some things in life.  t could be that your “yellow” is a nicer house, a better paying career, the perfect family, or _________________ (fill in the blank).  Not that any one of these things we pursue is bad or wrong, but usually when we begin the “chasing” mentality and that becomes our primary focus, it is can become an all-consuming lifestyle for us.  And with that way of thinking, we usually forget the things that are most important. We allow our pursuit of the temporal to cause us to lose sight of the eternal.
“And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”  Jeremiah 29:13
When I think of chasing after that which is most important, I am reminded of those heroes of our faith in Scripture who chased after God with all their might. Though some may have stumbled along the way, their focus was to find significance in their pursuit of the ways of God. Daniel wasn’t afraid to pray to his God in the face of death, and so he chased. Abraham didn’t hesitate to leave his homeland and go to an unknown place at the command of God, and so he chased. Peter, although he seemed to experience more mistakes than victories, chased so hard that his, and the other disciples’ passion for Christ fueled a fire that is now the Christian church. And David, as Scripture records, was “a man after God’s own heart,” and that’s because he chased.
So what are you chasing? Does it really matter in light of all eternity? Is your focus for it so narrow that you are missing that which is most important?  It’s good to have goals, to chase dreams and pursue a better tomorrow, for that is what makes our world a better place.  But let’s not lose sight of the pursuit of that which is eternal: to love God, to chase hard after His Son, Jesus, and to love others so much that it becomes second nature to find ways to make their world brighter.
Keep chasing! 

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