As I write this, it is New Year’s Day. The Y has been busy with Resolutioners getting their miles in or taking a new class. I love to see the Y busy; to me it means that our members are working on their best selves, they’re taking time for self care and working toward a better future. 

But did you know that for most people making New Year’s resolutions, those goals only last 10-12 days! By the time this is published, the date will be January 6th: half way to the fateful drop-off date. So how can you stay away from being someone that falls into this statistic?

This year the Y put together a presentation on motivation for one of our local corporate partners that has some great tools to help you build a habit that you can keep up with through the mid-month slump.

  1. Drill down to the most attainable version of your goal. Losing weight is a great goal, but that as a goal in itself is too broad to really give you solid and lasting motivation. What are the things you can do to build to that goal? Maybe you want to start eating better? Could your goal be to pack your lunch twice a week or limit eating out to only once a week? The smaller and more specific your goal, the better chances you have to tackle it. 
  2. Write down what it will take to achieve your goal. This may seem obvious, but make a list of what it’s going to take. Write out your fitness plan, or make calendar appointments for your meal prepping. Do you need an alarm to get out of bed for your morning class? Set it now!
  3. Give your goal attention. Is your goal to run a 5k? Then read running articles. Look for TED talks about running. Find a picture that motivates you and use it as your wallpaper on your favorite screen. Or write your goal on the bathroom mirror. The more attention you give your goal, the more real it can become for you. 
  4. Create a positive feedback loop for your goal. Instead of worrying about little slip-ups, focus on what you have accomplished. Your attitude about your goal will make it easier (or harder, depending on what you tell yourself). Remind yourself about why your goal is important to you. What is it that you are looking forward to when you achieve your goal? 
  5. Find an environment to nurture your goal. Are there spaces at your home to further your goal? If you’re working on nutrition, do you have a place for healthy snacks in your fridge or pantry? Is your yoga mat sitting out in a great place to maintain your practice?

The Y is also a great place to nurture your fitness, nutrition, self-care, or family time goals. By surrounding yourself with a group of people, you increase your likelihood of success. The social support of a group-ex class, a nutrition coach or other families enjoying the rock wall will bolster your attitude and further your motivation.