Born and raised in Wisconsin February can be the hardest month to not catch the winter blues. We have seen and dealt with the snow for months and we are ready for it to start warming up. Yet we still have 2 months of winter weather ahead of us.

Here are a 5 tips to help avoid the winter blues. 

  1. Enjoy the beautiful hiking trials surrounding us. It takes some motivation to want to get outside and endure the elements but once you do it’s so worth it. The sun shining down on the snow covered trees is a beautiful uplifting site to see.  
  2. Get active. Come to the Y and emerge yourself in the community. Staying active and healthy with great people around you is uplifting and gives you more energy taking your mind off the chill that winter can bring. 
  3. Have fun with some snow activities! Do you ski, snowboard, sled, ice skate, or fish? Enjoy what winter brings. We are surrounded by amazing places where we can enjoy all types of activities.
  4. Plan something to look forward to. Anticipation is an amazing emotion. When you are excited about something to come. It brings you happiness and joy! 
  5. If you work in a place that doesn’t offer a lot of sunlight. A sun lamp can be a great easy way to help your mood. Sun lamps positively impact your body’s regulation of melatonin, which helps regulate your mood.  

If you have the winter blues I hope these 5 tips can help uplift you for these last two months of winter. Although winter gets long it offers a lot of amazing opportunity!