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Enjoy the convenience of child care right at your school with the Y’s 4K Wrap Around Care! With a focus on safety, health, social growth and academic enhancement, the Y offers participants a variety activities that explore and develop their interests and talents.

Staff Info & Ratios
YMCA at Pabst Farms operates with a 1 staff to 13 children ratio. Staff are certified in CPR, First aid & AED and have gone through a full training orientation. We hold monthly staff meetings to ensure staff have the most up to date tools at their disposal. Each staff is dedicated to ensure that your children have the best possible experience while in our care. 

Family Partnerships
Our staff work hard to build positive lasting relationships not only with each child but with the families as well. Families are always welcome to visit program to see what their children are doing and we send weekly emails to families to share what we’re doing in class and share ideas on how they can carry our themes over to the home.  

Typical Schedule
Outside Time
Circle Time
Center Exploration
Nap/quiet time
Wake-up bathrooms

For times and pricing, please see site locations to the right.


4K Wrap-Around Brochure

Y Care Parent Handbook

Y Care FAQs

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